Lusio – A Coin Game for Beggars •
Should I give or not? Will I help them? Is it organized?

What if there was a product that beggars could use, that provoked people even more, but in a fun way?

Migration has been the theme in this project. The main idea with the course was to investigate what migration really can be and if design could be a way to create something provocative, in order to raise new questions. The course resulted in 21 different "provotypes". A provotype is something that is a combination of a prototype and something that provocates.

Lusio is a provocative idea on a coin game designed to help beggars collect money. It´s easy to give coins to beggars with Lusio both in a mental and practical way. You can basically throw coins in the slot like you are ignoring the beggar, but with the intention that you truly want to help. A feature with Lusio is that the beggar have the possibility to use it like a game. Instead of collecting all the inserted money, about 50% of the coins will come out again. This could be a strategy by the beggar, to give users an experience, in order to collect more money in the long run.

How would people in European countries react if beggars used coin games like Lusio? Would it lead to a discussion focusing on the main problem instead of the visible result? Or, would people just be even more provoked?

HDK, 2016